Visits and discoveries

The penty de Kerneing is certified Famille Plus. More

Where are we ?

Les Penty de Kerneing are in Brittany in the western part. In the “Finistère”, the end of the earth in French. Fouesnant is a popular seaside town since a lot of years : Beg-meil was very well known by english People and received Churchill. The traditionnals products are sold far away from Brittany : the Cider of and the “Galettes” are famous.

Is it a coincidence or an area with a very interresting personality ? It is a good thing to discover !

Round about :

– The Gites Penty are in an old breton farm. They are 5 mm walk from the beach. They are only nature between the Penty and the beach. It’s very pleacefull.

– The nearest beach is 500m away. It is a 3kms long beach with white sand. You can very easily be alone on the beach. There are a lot of birds around. We are just in front of the Glenan island.

– We are far away the traffic. There ar 2 private roads to reach the Penty. It is very peacefull. You can only hear the sound of the waves over the dunes.

– The Penty are at Mousterlin, a fishermen village near the sea. It is part of Fouesnant like Beg-meil and Cap-coz.

– There is a bakery and a foodstore at 1km. The supermarket are at Bénodet and in the center of Fouesnant at 5 kms

Fouesnant-les Glénan, Earth of Ocean, it is the right name for our town.
The variety of natural aera, dunes, polders, islands, hiking trails make of Fouesnant-Les Glénan an ideal site to escape. Here the nature is also a haven of peace where, of observatory birds appear between reeds and marine scirpes, and where on an island, decorates with flowers a narcissus, a quite unique flower.

The Leisure activities

Less than 5 km: